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Magic Creations

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  I started out in the world of magic when I was 9 years old , and in my first years in contact with illusionism I was alone , because in my city , León , there were no magicians and I had to discover the secrets of this art by reading books.

At that moment in my life , I had lots of questions , but no answers.

It was a very slow learning process with lots of difficulties ; maybe that was what made my imagination grow in an effort to find future creativity , which no doubt has opened lots of doors throughout my career.

When I was 18 , magic became my profession.

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In 1980  my first international show was born , under the name “El Perchero” , ( The Hanger ).

In 1990 came “ La Mujer Invisible “ , ( The Invisible Woman ).


In 1991 , and coinciding with my participation in the World Magic Congress FISM in Lausanne , I changed my stage name from         “ Alex “ to my real name , Juan Mayoral.


In 1992 I began to attend conferences around the world for professional magicians in order to market my creations.


From 1994 I started production and management of international magic conventions and festivals.


In 2009 at the World Magic Congress I presented my new creation , “ Meteors “.


In 2012 , as fire and light had been my inspiration to create tricks since my childhood , I held the premiere of my show “ Fire”.

1988 - Winner of the Gold medal in “The magic                           world olympics“, Japan.

1990 & 1992 - Guest artist in “Les grands prix                               magiques de Monte-Carlo“, Monaco.

1991 - First Prize in General Magic at “XVIII world                         magic convention“, FISM, Lausanne, Switzerland.

1993 - Prize "Mandrake d´or", Paris.


1995 - First Prize in “Les Anneaux Magiques”, 

           Lausanne, Switzerland.


1998 & 2010 - Prize Merlín “Innovative magic award“

            International Magician Society, USA.


2010 - Trophy Robert Houdin, Blois, France.


2013 - Grat Prize of Magic in Perm, Russia,  

           Magic White Convention. 

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